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Leading-Edge Designs + Robust, Easy-to-Use Components = Superior Performing Breakers.


Simulated interruption modeled with CFD software


PABís 90,000-square-foot production facility


145kV/63kA — Model #PB145-63

Dedicated to Circuit Breakers

As circuit breaker experts, the employees and management of Pennsylvania Breaker are dedicated to designing and building the industry’s best high-voltage circuit breakers. Everything we do revolves around circuit breakers; our time and attention are not diluted or distracted by other products that need to be sold or serviced. Breakers are our name — they are who we are. You can be sure that your PAB circuit breaker was developed, built and supported by a team of professionals focused solely on the advancement of high-voltage circuit breaker products.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Pennsylvania Breaker R&D engineers have designed the industry’s most modern circuit breaker configurations using the most powerful, sophisticated software design tools available. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), and 3-D CAD layout design systems have enabled PAB’s R&D engineers to develop complete breaker families of ratings in significantly less time than ever before in the industry. The expert use of the latest design technologies has enabled PAB to implement the industry’s fastest operating mechanisms and highest X/R ratio interrupters.

Customer Focus

Customer focus is our guiding principle. As the only American-owned designer and manufacturer of high voltage circuit breakers, we’ve developed products specifically for our home market. All products are designed to handle the faster 60 Hz rise times and longer transmission lines of North America. Because all of our operations are centrally located, you, through our Technical Support department, can have quick access to the people who know the product and its applications best — the design engineers. From product design through support service, we stay focused on the needs of our customers.

Designed and Assembled in the USA

All of PAB’s operations are located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, including all Management, R&D, Production, and Technical Support functions. Being strategically located in the USA means that all directives, including management and technical decisions, are made quickly and consistently without relying on offices half a world away. Headquartered within the 1.1-million-square-foot facilities of Pennsylvania Transformer Technology, Inc. (PTTI), PAB has direct access to PTTI’s 350+ employee workforce, technical expertise, and financial resources.